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We are experts in custom cut welded steel tubing.


Comalsid specialises in additional and complementary processes involved in the manufacturing of welded steel tubing. Our main activities include the laser beam machining and the circular saw cutting.

All our processes undergo strict and thorough quality control tests, to guarantee the best finish of our products.

Laser beam machining

We have the latest fibre laser tube cutting machines for 2D and 3D cutting, to guarantee the perfect finish of complex cuts of perforated steel tubing.

Circular saw cutting

One of the most versatile and popular methods used to cut tubing. The circular saws cut tubes at high speeds and produce top quality finishes.

Worldwide presence

Head Office:



France, Germany and Portugal


Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey.
Central and South America: Mexico, Argentina and Brazil
Africa: Morocco and Angola

Committed to quality and protecting the environment

At Comalsid we believe in on-going innovation and improvement in our processes, technology and human resources.  This enables us to supply top quality products, by optimizing the production processes for the complete satisfaction of the client.

Strict quality control standards

On-going improvement in production processes

Environmentally friendly technological innovation

Compliance with the regulations and satisfying the demands of the clients